Ultimate-Bad-Ass-Bug-Out-Bag – GSI Survival


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We started with the traditional “Bug-Out-Bag” how-to guide, consulted with numerous doomsday preppers mixed in some of our own tips and tricks and came up with the “Ultimate Grand Daddy” of all “Bug-Out-Bag” guides.
  • A detailed check list of must have items in your “Bug-Out-Bag.” Use it at the store to ensure you don’t miss anything.
  • Pro tips on packing and using your “Bug-out-bag,” such as how heavy should it be, should you pack extra items and what your family should do in case of a “Bug-Out-Bag” level emergency.
  • Brief background on “Bug-out-bags”, so you can win that final pie wedge when playing trivial pursuit
  • Learn special packing considerations for different types family members, like the elderly or children